Becoming a rising voice in social media!

First session of the IAB’s new social media course, aiming to “cut through social media hype and facilitate real expertise within the industry.”

So we are all due to be the rising voices in social media, a big claim maybe but there its a great course and there were some really interesting speakers. Pretty sure only two people checked in on FourSquare, so maybe gawker was right and the checking on fun is over?

Seems to be pretty competitive already with twinfluence/klout being part of your final assessment.

Am I the only person who always mistakes the coffee for tea at these things?


One Comment on “Becoming a rising voice in social media!”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first: I swithered over identifying tea and coffee, too! I wanted tea and guessed correctly. Smaller pots, right?

    I signed up for FourSquare but can’t check in anywhere as I still have a Nokia 3330e from 2002. I even have a Body Glove for it: who still uses them? Thinking about joining the cool kids with an iPhone and a hole in my pocket.

    In the spirit of benign challenge, why haven’t you done your homework yet by critiquing two corporate Twitter accounts? I’m interested to see what other people go for. I did @HighwaysAgency, @MidcountiesCoop, and @quidco – yes indeed, I can’t count to two.

    Yours aye,

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