Infographics, what’s not to like?

With the election looming and complicated stats becoming an even more integral part of the news media it seems a good time to see what everyone actually makes of infographics.

Personally, I am a big fan of infographics as they make potentially dry figures often seem really interesting, especially when presenting. Anyone who’s sat through a 100 slide presso of the same “3-d” ppt graph can surely empathise here. Equally as someone who hates excel (this is not looking good for Microsoft) i am intrigued by how they are acrually constructed.

Despite being a slightly wanky buzz-ter at the moment I think they just show a really nice way of looking at stats and any change from the dull powerpoint slides. The guys at certainly have the right idea!

Hell, they can also be fun!
“An “Infographic” Infrographic by Phil Gyford via”



2 Comments on “Infographics, what’s not to like?”

  1. Tim says:

    Ok so comenting on your own posts is considered a faux pas but I laugh in the face of that.

    Here’s a compilation of bad infographics:

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