WordPress vs WordPress – A Facebook ‘like’ fail, and the battle of .org and .com

Being from a media/advertising rather than tech background I made the choice (not that actively) of using a blog provider that made it easy for me to write add images and post.
There are so many out there, from Posterous and Blogger, to TypePad and Tumblr all offering a load of usually free capability. They all purport to make the whole process easier, understanding that the hardest bit of blogging is writing the content.
Of the few I have tried I really like the functionality of both WordPress (.com) and Posterous but I am frustrated by the fact that I cannot employ the tool of the moment, the Facebook ‘like’ button. Coding has never been a strong point, even inserting pics can be a trial, but the more I try the more I realise that the self hosted blogs offer you the real opportunities to get you noticed and get your content spreading socially. Services like the ‘like’ button and TweetMeme are essential and for the moment off limits. The conclusion is that migrating to WordPress.org seems like my only option, but I wish this had all been made clear at the start!

Lesson learned: choose a blog host that matches your aspirations.

As for the ‘like’ button, its causing a storm for good reason, bringing the social functions and sharing capabilities of Facebook, to the wider web. Its a great opportunity for Facebook to build up a much more in depth profile of users tastes, all at the click of a button, not even on Facebook but on the site you are already at. Sharing your preferences with your friends but not causing you to have to leave the site you are on, ‘fishing where the fishes are’. Added to this the psychological barrier of becoming a ‘fan’ now seems prohibitive compared to the flippency of clicking a ‘like’.

Over 100,000 sites that are purported to have added ‘like’ functionality in the first three weeks of release, one of the best examples of the ‘like’ button is on the Levis website, US only at the moment!


One Comment on “WordPress vs WordPress – A Facebook ‘like’ fail, and the battle of .org and .com”

  1. Monkey says:

    I ‘like’ this.

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