World Cup round-up

The stadiums are ready, the five star hotels are booked and the goallies are alredy complaining about the unpredictable ball! Yes, its time for the World Cup, and in the advertising world that means time for ‘big’ budget creative and sweat on the temples of many a TV buyer as they negotiate the best placements.

It would take a bold person to argue that Nike’s record breaking ‘Write the Future’ is anything short of incredible. Ronaldinho’s inclusion aside (he won’t be taking part), it is slick, fast paced, watchable (again and again), and most importantly shareable.

Nike – Write the Future

The visible measures viral chart has the ad at number 1 with a reach of over 8 million, and that’s the 3 minute version, impressive, but that figure seems a little undercooked to me.

I think the competition has been overshadowed by Nike’s big noise but there is some nice work out there, especially in the shape of Puma’s Journey of Football. It taps into the real spirit of the World Cup, using the passion and culture of the African venue and aspirations of the ‘local’ teams. It also helps that Gnarls Barkeley provides a great whistle along tune giving a pacey upbeat feel.

Puma – Journey of Football

The other other efforts that have caught my eye are Pringles and Mars. They have both gone for a banter/comedy angle. Mars, eager to build on their repackaging as ‘Believe’ last time round, have recreated and updated the famous John Barnes rap from 1990’s World in Motion The moment has achieved mythical status having featured on a host of “100 greatest” shows and nostalgic talking head programmes. Barnes evokes a spirit of ‘daisy age’ in his non-commital verse and looks like he’s desperately trying to remember the words while also trying to avoid the urge to hit the ‘Keith Allen-a-like’ behind him. Rap may have moved on a lot since 1990 but this has definitely tapped into a rich vein of nostalgia and given the product a mention in a lot of casual pub or football field conversations.

Mars – John Barnes Rap

Pringles, the most overtly pan-European advertiser, have employed major territory stars, Fabregas, Kuyt, Anelka and England’s bean-pole joker Peter Crouch. Crouch has long enjoyed the reputation of banter boy for the squad, and this ad, with the lads frolicking about, and ‘doing the robot’ it looks like his reputation will be pushed across Europe.

Pringles – Do the Robot


One Comment on “World Cup round-up”

  1. whitsport says:

    Still amazing what Nike did with their commercial, non-footy fans in my office are excited about the tourney after that aired. Great stuff!

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