5 great things about a social media World Cup (#worldcup)

As if the World Cup wasn’t cool enough there are now a wholehost of awesome social media tools, graphics and games to take the fun to a higher level!

Here are a few of my faves

1) The Vuvuzela feature on YouTube
Just when you thought you could give your eardrums a rest, away from the TV and watching your online vids, YouTube add in a feature to blast the living daylights out of any content. Sounding like the trackside of a F1 Grand Prix the football icon unlocks the thunder of the horn. I love it in short bursts but by the fifth or sixth time I had blasted it out of my speakers colleagues not so enamoured with the constant footie were losing patience.

Here’s your chance to use the Vuvu’s to runi the Official World Cup theme song (you have to watch in youtube proper for it to work and hit the football at the bottom).

2) The Twitter icons
Whenever you hashtag any tweet with either a nation or WorldCup you get a pretty logo. I like this.

And you can see how popular the World Cup has been on Twitter here

3) Livepitch
Anyone with an iPad must be thinking that it is the best accompanyment to any TV experience, acting as a perfect accompanyment to give you the stats as you watch. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use this in public but if you like the idea of live stats as ammunition to criticising the manager then this is the device for you.

4) The Foursquare CNN Badges
Everyone on Foursquare wants badges and these are the most unattainable ones. For one you need to go to South Africa, for the others you need to watch the match at a CNN santioned venue (presumably US only!). BOO

5) The Guardian Twitter live games
Following up on their England Vs USA recreated in Lego the Guardian smash it iagain with the opportunity to re-live games through twitter feed. Nice simple, great execution, its what social media was made for!


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