Want to know the Future? I have it…HERE, NOW!

Want to know what the future looks like? Well you could watch a YouTube video about ‘yoof’ or check out this nice looking presentation on slideshare.

Ignore the wanky beginning…war Dubai etc…the meaty stuff kicks in later on.


The Flaming Lips create YouTube symphony with 12 iPhones

Released on Valentine’s day this year ‘Two Blobs F**king’ is an experiment in technology by The Flaming Lips.

The song comes from a mash-up of 220-second clips from 1997 album Zarieeka that must be played in sync to create the complete tune

Check it out…

And to add to the post another creative use of numerous iPhones to create music (thanks Tamara @marsipan79)

Social Media and Outdoor Advertising – Posterscope/LocaMedia Hyperspace

Some interesting points here from the guys at Posterscope and the LocaMedia, under the Hyperspace banner, all about combining Social Media and outdoor. This is less truly new thinking but overall, a really good checklist of best practice and taking advantage of new possibilities. It’s most positive to see traditional media (albeit one heavily investing in digital and going through an exciting period of change) keeping pace with change with a new media framework as well as media planners’ and advertisers’ needs.