Getting guys to use condoms! The Durex Baby app

This is a great use of a mobile app to drive home the realities of what you are exposing yourself to when you have unprotected sex.

It hinges on the insight that what really worries guys, and would get them to use condoms more, is the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Letting guys see what the consequences might be like to live with rather than hammering the ‘silent’ threat of STDs down their throats.

Here’s the case study:

It’s certainly not first time the tactic of exposing young men to the annoying/labour intensive realities children has been used to market condoms to guys but takes it to a whole new level of engagement compared to humorous attempts in the past, driven mainly in 30″ commercials (warning excessive sound levels)

Thanks to MEC’s James Caig for the erm, tip at the Google@MEC conference!


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