A new type of agency/planner… #slideshare

Thanks to @Tompgibson for the heads up on this interesting deck that espouses that ad agencies should go beyond their traditional roles of answering client comms briefs and take some of the great ideas that often end up on the cutting room floor to develop and start actual businesses or offer services themselves.

I am in agreement that agency ideas can and should help transform the workings of their clients’ business from the inside not just communicate their existing products.

The deck contains a lot of supporting evidence listing great ideas that have come out of agencies, and adding to this we have seen many ad campaigns go far beyond traditional advertising practices to win recent plaudits e.g. Cannes Grand Prix winning Tesco sth Korea’s stores in the subway system.

Here’s the deck…

Preparing your business for Social Media – a social business plan

YouTube Masthead creativity using HTML5

This is a great example of what we will be able to get out of ‘hero’ impactful formats such as the masthead on YouTube

Nice visualisation…

data cake
Image by EpicGraphic

Nice work EpicGraphic

Create an infographic of your Twitter activity with visual.ly

This is less than flattering for me, but this is a cool tool to make infographic from your Twitter activity


Great visual – How Facebook is steamrolling local competition across the globe

As Facebook reaches a reported 750 million active users worldwide the below .GIF is a pretty cool visual of how it has increased its foothold to be come number one in an increasing number of markets globally.

Thank you Vincent Cosenza