#hardandfast a summary of the @TheBHF Promoted Trend on @TwitterUK

Interesting use of Twitters ‘Promoted Trend’ ad product in the UK today from the guys @TheBHF 

Using the hastag #hardandfast promoted in UK trending topics, they have created intrigue and interest in their new ad, promoting the basics of CPR as demonstrated by Vinnie Jones. Drawing visitors to Twitter.com in to the conversation with the trend, they drove conversation and YouTube views for the online launch of the ad. 


Here are a couple of the examples of the tweets that masthead the conversation:


As far as I can ascertain (by 11pm on the 5th Jan 2011) they have gained about 5K clicks on the link http://bity.ly/hardandfast+ driving 38K+ views of the on the ad, (although I would expect this to be higher as YouTube views tend to lag), all in all a success for engagement based campaign for the charity.  


One particularly nice feature was this YouTube annotation driving to an auto-populated tweet to share the ad (including the hashtag obviously).


The hard working @TheBHF team even found in what must have been a busy day to reply to some of their mentions, including those from influencers and Z-List celebs


Slightly disappointing follower growth though according to TwitterCounter but I guess Twitter have always been explicit that this is not the point of this product…you’ve got Promoted Accounts for that! 


Vinnie is a perfect ‘social media’ star for the campaign and using his media friendly personality and story about his own wife Tanya’s heart transplant as a PR ‘hook’ to gather useful column inches although it might have been nice to embed the video in these articles or revisiting after social launch. 

All in all then a strong performance of driving conversation in social media, and premiering content online before ATL launch. It’ll be interesting to see what social calls to action are afforded on the above the line comms.

I guess the only thing missing is a tweet from the ‘Hard man’ himself who appears not to have tweeted for 6 months ;-( 


(image courtesy of TheSun.co.uk)

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://twittercounter.com/embed/?style=graph&usernames=TheBHF&height=300&width=500&data=followers&chart=weekly&type=line”></script><noscript><a href=”http://twittercounter.com/TheBHF”>BHF on Twitter Counter.com</a></noscript>


Measuring the impact of Facebook – Seeing beyond the number of ‘Likes’

Ignoring the slightly out of date stats up front, this deck is a good introduction to the idea of monitoring the ‘health’ of your Facebook brand page. It proposes the idea that 25% of ‘social’ time should be spent crunching the data/analytics, the equivalent of taking a step back and surveying your progress.

The most important point to take out is that most people are unlikely to want your brand updates cluttering their newsfeed, so one way to get your message out there is to use your advocates (highly engaged fans) to spread your message for you. This reinforces the point that so many seem to miss which is that overall numbers of ‘Likes’ are not the ‘Holy Grail’ of FB brand pages but measurements like engagement a much more effective benchmark.

Social media and events – making the most of real time mentions

One of the benefits of social media and social networks, is that they provide us with an arena in which we can witness real time ‘word of mouth’ and ‘sentiment’ about surrounding events. On a meaningful level that could mean events as they unfold in an emerging revolution or struggle for democracy as we have witnessed recently in North Africa where networks are a direct way of spreading unfiltered messages to others in the midst of things and the outside world.

Personally I have an issue with overstating the role of social media in recent events such as the Libyan protests, as the media seem intent on purveying social networks as the spark to revolution, where I believe they simply facilitate a free-er and speedier transferrance (sic.) of existing ideas. While they facilitate conversation spread they are not the ‘reasons’ for revolution but at best catalysts.

Quibbling aside about the role of these networks in deeper issues than advertising, much the same rules apply to this space. Social media provides the platform for feedback from those on the ground and allows us the opportunity to amplify niche events, promoting them to the wider world. As brands are in the business of stoking and owning the word of mouth around (often costly) brand funded events, it only makes sense to call on any tools we can to increase the coverage and referral around these. Despite this simple truth however, fairly few experiential/event companies seem to be ‘getting’ social and I think an opportunity is being missed.

One agency that definitely gets it is C&M and they have compiled a framework and series of checklists for making sure your event creates a #buzz around it.

Want to know the Future? I have it…HERE, NOW!

Want to know what the future looks like? Well you could watch a YouTube video about ‘yoof’ or check out this nice looking presentation on slideshare.

Ignore the wanky beginning…war Dubai etc…the meaty stuff kicks in later on.

Social Media and Outdoor Advertising – Posterscope/LocaMedia Hyperspace

Some interesting points here from the guys at Posterscope and the LocaMedia, under the Hyperspace banner, all about combining Social Media and outdoor. This is less truly new thinking but overall, a really good checklist of best practice and taking advantage of new possibilities. It’s most positive to see traditional media (albeit one heavily investing in digital and going through an exciting period of change) keeping pace with change with a new media framework as well as media planners’ and advertisers’ needs.

Pawned. Gamification and its discontents – interesting presentation

There’s a little something for everyone here in a clear and uncomplicated format.